Apartment for 4 persons

additional beds: 2
to ask/50€
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Supetar is located in the bay of St. Peter on the island, by which it got its name. Supetar tourist and administrative center of the island, and the attractive port. History Supetar (Island Brac) as well as the history of most places and the island goes back to ancient history, and even the Neolithic. This is witnessed by the remains of the small church of Sv. Nicholas. From a variety of cultural heritage should be extracted and the parish church of Sv. Peter with a beautiful staircase that dominates the square in front of the church, and the Mausoleum Petrinovic family, which dominates the bay of Supetar. Architecture and urban waterfront town Supetar (Brac) are wonderful example of island building that radiates peaceful atmosphere and ocean. At every step of Supetar has what to see and experience. Supetar on the waterfront has a large number of restaurants and bars, which in summer and with the numerous stands with traders and tourists who enjoy the benefits of rest. The gastronomic offer is very large, because the large number of islands stanovnišva engaged in fishing, and restaurants provide the best food. As the central Brač Supetar tourism, thus offering a lot of beach and a variety of sports and entertainment, and authentic island's facilities, and for the adventurous spirit and a variety of hidden coves. Very simply and quickly from Supetar can get to Blaca desert, which is very valuable monument. Specifically built by hermits poljički as their first shelter and later his simple residence later expanded, and left an invaluable inheritance as in architecture and in the non-collection of old weapons and clocks, and library with unstudied texts. How is the desert and Blaca world famous zvijezdarnica, the astronomical apparatus that there are also of inestimable value. All this makes Supetar (island Brac) a beautiful center island with a rich cultural heritage.